Thursday, October 4, 2012

Moon Jellyfish Breeding

Lately I have been working on breeding Moon Jellyfish again. I tried a batch last month that did well for a while, but later crashed. The problem was a poor quality brine shrimp I was using. Bacteria from the brine shrimp cultures built up on the screen and caused many jellies to get sucked up on it.

Since then, I have washed the ephyra tank out copiously, and changed my food. I am back to using "Aquaculture Nursery Farms hatching decapsulated brine shrimp eggs". These are a little more expensive than the other eggs I bought, but the quality is immensely superior.

After changing the food I noticed a higher quality of life for the jellies. The tank remained cleaner, and all of the jellies seem to be growing quite well. The screens did get a little clogged earlier this week. I simply took all of the ephyra and developing jellies out, and washed it using a spray nozzle on my sink.

Several ephyra have reached the size of about 1/4 inch in bell diameter. At this point they look like mini adult Moon Jellies. They have four tiny oral arms, and a mostly filled in bell. These jellies got moved to my 10 gallon pseudokreisel tank, along with Think the jellyfish who is now 1 inch in diameter.

All of this is pretty exciting for me, as this will be my first large scale batch of successful ephyra. I have had a minor problem this batch, but it's fairly humorous. I have too many ephyra! The polyps have been really active this month, and I may actually have too may of them as well. Im selling some of the polyps off, but the moon jellies should provide enough funding to simply add a second ephyra tank to the system.