Sunday, December 9, 2012

Breeding Cold Water Moons

As time has passed I began to notice a fairly large amount of moon jellyfish polyps growing along with my Upside Down Jelly polyps. The tank is currently sitting in the garage, so the sudden success of this colony would suggest that they are cold water polyps. I moved several over to a petri dish and let them reattach. Last Friday they began to strobilate on their own, and I rushed to re set up my breeding system. The cold weather knocked out any of the warm water jellies in it. A change of water, and the system was ready to go. I set the dish inside the polyp tank, and waited for the infants to be released.

Many of them are now in the ephyra tank circulating around. I noticed several differences immediately. The cold water ephyra are a good bit larger than my previous warm water ones. They are also a darker color, perhaps a redish orange, compared to the previous yellow color.

Some of the ephyra appear to be doing rather good, and other seem to be having some difficulties. This will be an interesting experiment to work with. One bonus I get to let the breeding system sit in the garage without a heater or a chiller, as the temperature is about right. If these jellies do live, and make it to summer, then I would simply bring them inside, as they should do fine at room temperature or below.

I havent gotten a chance to get some images of my own, but the resemblance is exact to these photos, which are of some jellies that Jim Stime (Midwater Systems) grew a while back.
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