Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Last Polyp.

A few months back, I mentioned the fact that a lot of my polyps were being wiped out by the cold. Winter has passed, and the temperature has risen significantly. I used to exclusively breed warm water jellyfish. During the winter I found some cold water jellyfish polyps, which took over. Unfortunately, I lost the majority of my warm water polyps.

I had one particular species of Moon Jellyfish that possessed a very desirable trait. The polyps seemed to always be strobilating. This species withered down from thousands of polyps to just a few. Eventually I had a small glass dish of them. I thought this would be enough to start up a new culture of the polyps. They struggled to regrow, though. As of right now, I have one  glass dish of this species of polyps. There is a single polyp left in the dish. The polyp is also extremely small. It's too small to consume baby brine shrimp in fact. So I have a single polyp that I cant feed. I have been running small amounts of water from the cold water moon system into the glass dish on a daily basis. Im hoping this will provide nutrients or microorganisms that can feed the polyp. This species is very hardy, but this is pushing it to the limit.

If I loose the polyp, I loose the species entirely. I have no clue where this group of moon jellies originated. They are certainly a curious bunch, though. Hopefully the little polyp will pull through.
A plastic dish of the new coldwater polyps.


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