Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lagoon Jellyfish

I received some Lagoon Jellyfish polyps in the mail, recently. Thy are for a little research project I'm working on. It's all a secret for now, but when we are done, details can be shared. :)

Well before I could start the experimenting, the polyps started to strobilate. The first batch of ephyra were pretty pitiful, and they all died a few days later. I think the polyps were stressed from their trip, and didn't produce healthy ephyra. A second wave of ephyra is being released now, which  are healthier. I've noticed many have mutations, though. I'm not sure if these will grow or not. I guess we will find out. I'm really excited to have some Lagoon Jellyfish, however. I've never kept or even seen any in person before. 
These aren't mine, obviously, but mine should look quite similar in a few weeks to months if they grow properly. They need full spectrum lighting. I think that's good, because they don't eat well when first born. They are very small, and catching brine shrimp seems to be a laborious task for them. 

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  1. OMG YES!!! so if you get the hang of this will you be selling them on the website? What tank size do they need, and what type, these are like my favourite besides the sea nettle