Thursday, March 6, 2014

Breeding Atlantic Sea Nettles

A few months back I was able to trade a source for some Atlantic Sea Nettle polyps. I've had them for a while, and they have budded off since then. I started with 3 polyps and I have about 12 now. So I decided to run and experiment to see if I could get them to strobilate. I tried adding freshwater to lower the salinity. I waited and that did nothing. A few weeks later I took the polyps and set them in a water bath around 78 degrees, and then added a lot of freshwater. Just two days later and one was strobilating. This caused the rest to start, and I have one ephyra so far. As far as I know of! I'm the first individual who has bred Atlantic Sea Nettles. Aquariums will breed them sometimes, and those are the only other cases I have heard of. 

They are really cool jellyfish, and their ephyra are just as cool. They start out with a little but of frilly tentacles. Moon jellyfish ephyra start out with a stub. So I think these will be easy to feed at an early age. I've heard from aquarists that they aren't the easiest ephyra to raise. The one ephyra I have now seems to be very finicky, which fits that description. We will see how they do I guess. :) I will keep updating as I keep them. I also have Lions Mane Jellyfish polyps and am eagerly waiting for them to produce some ephyra as well. 

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  1. wow, very interesting. I've enjoyed your blog since 2011, so at least I'm still here if you're worried :). so, have you had any luck with pacific nettles, do they differ much? and what exact steps does one have to take to breed nettles and jellyproof a tank as in your restaurant post, maybe a list of all things that must be done to make it safe, perhaps even some diagrams as well, for us looking to start keeping jellyfish. Thank you, and keep up the good work.