Thursday, March 31, 2011

New jellyfish

I bought three new small moon jellyfish. They were supposed to get here today but FedEx forgot to pick the order up from jellyfish art. So I will have to wait until tuesday to get my jellies. Oh well no problem, they will get here when they do. It also gives my tank more time to get ready.
So on wednesday I dumped out all the water. I cleaned the filter, gravel media, and the glass pebbles. After nuking the tank with freshwater, I added distilled water and conditioned it with stress coat and an ounce of cycle. All I have left live in the tank is a snail and a feather duster worm stuck the the shell of a deceased hermit crab.
I will have a new update on tuesday with pictures and the names of these three new jellies. anyways, Im out till then.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to the start....

I came back to my jellyfish this weekend after being gone at someone elses house. I found both of my final jellyfish dead. I believe the problem was that the brine shrimp all died and went bad, but still ended up being fed to my jellies.
So I will clean out the tank tomarrow, and restart it. I only have a snail left alive so I may buy some hermit crabs and snails with a new order of jellyfish.
Im at a point where I could go and do anything I wanted. I could get upside down jellyfish and lagoon jellies, or get coldwater moons but I think im just going to start back where i came from. I will buy three warm water moon jellyfish.
Overall Im not that upset that my jellyfish died. After all in Chad Widmers book he says that raising jellyfish is not easy and failure will happen. thats extremely true. I'm ready to try again, this time should be a success since I have learned so much about raising live jellyfish.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jellyfish arts new tank.

So jellyfish art has revealed their new tank at the Global Pet Expo. It looks really good but I cant decide whether or not I want to buy it. It looks like the cost will be pretty hefty. Plus its only seven gallons, compared to the 9 gallon desktop tank. and even further is the fact that its a stand alone tank. I was really hoping I could add a UV sterilizer and a few other personalized accessories.
If I do get it then I will put my two moon jellyfish in the new tank. I will then edit the desktop tank I have right now and put in full spectra lighting. Im hoping to set up a tank with upside down jellyfish and spotted lagoon jellyfish.
In a dreamy perspective I would like to get a mini jelliquarium and go with the above plan just swapping the jelliquarium with the new jellyfish art tank. That way I could add the UV sterilizer to the jelliquarium.
If your wondering why I really want to add a UV sterilizer it is because of the small organisms Im having trouble with. They are supposed to help keep the tank clean but I think they are ruining the situation from my perspective. They killed most of my polyps and then my jellyfish of the opposite sex died, leaving me polyp-less. From a breeder and experimenters perspective these little nuisances are a problem. They might be good in a situation where a tank owner simply wants to enjoy the jellyfish from an aesthetics view.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress, finally!

Finally there is a positive streak in my jellyfish keeping. I got my decapsulated brine shrimp eggs and some Selcon enrichment. They really like brine shrimp and its keeping them much fuller than that frozen food that jellyfish art sells. I don't mean to make them look bad but that frozen food was terrible. They never ate much of it. The particle size was huge too. Its no wonder they didn't like it. Plus I found a nifty piece of evidence that makes me never want to use that stuff again. In the book "how to keep jellyfish in aquariums" by chad widmer, it says that red copepods are detrimental to jellyfish growth and proper health. Thats exactly what jellyfish art's frozen food is made of!
Anyways the live food is much nicer. My jellyfish shrunk a whole inch of their diameter, trying to live off frozen food. They have finally stopped shrinking and hopefully they are on the road to growing again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have both jellyfish again.

Luckily I have found both of my jellyfish. One is living in a plastic wrapped beaker. The other is living in a large glass cup since I don't have any more beakers big enough to make him happy. They have both been enjoying a diet of live brine shrimp. It really seems to help with healing and energy regain rate. Both are totally healthy besides the fact that they are tiny.
I ordered some decapsulated brine shrimp and some selcon food enrichment as well. hopefully this will ensure they grow to a good healthy size quickly.
Right now the tank itself isn't very good looking. the gravel is mixed up with the glass pebbles. the gravel, beads are very flat either. But that doesn't matter right now with the jellies living in glass homes.
This looks like it will turn out better than the last jellyfish crisis I had.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates Updates!

Well things havent been going well, not sure why bad luck is stuck to me. The jelly escaped the beaker and got sucked up under some gravel. I had to move gravel around again to find him. I found him again, alive luckily. so this time i put in a beaker and sunk it, but it had plastic wrap rubber banded over it with small holes punched in to it. Left for a party on saturday and when I came back the bigger jellyfish was missing. No clue why he is gone. My recent suspicion is that he got stuck under the beaker and either died or sunk below the gravel level.
Tank isn't looking good. Small worms and disgusting little organisms in the gravel level. Im going to buy a large amount of distilled water and remove all the gravel and glass beads, find the jelly then dump the dirty water out. I will cycle the tank again with some nutrafin cycle and inoculate the tank with some live gravel to jump start the tank. hopefully this will help. but I may wait and see what happens first. human contact could be my biggest problem.
Im definitely switching diet plans for my jellyfish. I've been feeding them frozen food from jellyfish art, but they like live brine shrimp a lot better it seems. So I've been feeding the injured ones artemia nauplii (baby brine shrimp) I've had to separate the shells by hand. I'm going to buy some decapsulated hatching eggs of the internet and use those for a while. I just don't see how i can sustain a constant supply of live food.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hopefully off to a good start.

Took all the gravel out and basically did a gravel jostle and water change. gravel looks a little better. At first I though I was going to be writing about a deceased jellyfish because the little one got burried under some gravel last night. I found him mid way during the gravel change. I find this terribly cruel, yet humorous. He must have been in a bad position all night or something because he is now square instead of round. I guess he got a species change to "box jellyfish" ahaha.
Anyways I think this little guy is on the road to recovery. He ate some today because I soaked him in a beaker with lots of food. He didn't physically eat that much maybe a larger copepod or two but I'm sure the whole swimming in food gave him some good nutrients. And I dumped so brine shrimp cysts into a hatchery and they should be ready around friday, maybe thursday. he really likes those since they are small enough to consume so hopefully I can grow him back to health on a steady diet of that.
I found a nifty little trick to keeping him in the safe confines of the tank while still being safe from suction intake. I sunk a beaker in the tank and let it rest at the bottom. The I scooped the jellyfish up and set him into the beaker, underwater. Looks a little strange with a random beaker sitting at the bottom of the tank but I think this will help significantly. Plus the bigger jelly has no problem with it, he just pulses by, and never sinks into the beaker.

So many problems...

The tank is a wreck. My smallest jelly is shrinking and I don't know what his survival rate is. It angers me that he wont eat even though he has all organs and body material. I guess I will hatch some nauplii.
The flow is really getting to me. The smallest jelly basically lives at in the gravel now. He cant stay in a neutral balance. I may take both jellies out and flatten the bottom of the tank a little. It seems like there are a lot of mini mountains on the bottom gravel wise so I will try to fix that. I may also try and take the little jelly and feed his in a petri dish so he can eat slowly and absorb food from saturated nutrient dense water.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heat problems

So I came to check on my jellyfish yesterday afternoon and noticed one was stuck under a rock. this should happen but I thought it was just a coincidence. So I used my hand to kinda blow him with water, and get him out. he got out looking a bit frayed here and there. I was pleased with his condition and went out to dinner. I came back and he was stuck again so I freed him and went to bed. the next day (today) I found him way under the marbles and knew something was up. So I turned off the pump and retrieved him.
He was torn a little and frayed up more. He had the whole screwed up umbrella look so I checked Chad Widmers book to see what the problem was. Heat shock was on the list and I decided to check the temp which was a scary 65 degrees F. So I turned up the heat and nothing happened. Then I turned it up to like 130 degrees and still no heat change. It was then that I realized the heater was unplugged! Leave it up to me to make a stupid mistake.
Its humorous that he looks like a clear lions maine jelly now. So marine stress coat, food, and time should wrap this up

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So I cleaned the aquarium...

I cleaned the aquarium today. Took the jellyfish out to prevent a further loss (see post below about jellyfish death). Siphoned the aquarium. Man jellyfish "excrement" and uneaten food just kept coming. And it was in the water everywhere too. A big thing i did was change the filter cartridge. On these aquariums your supposed to change the filter cartridge every six weeks. they cost like $16.00 which I thought was ridiculous. So I dissected the filter and examined its contents. a sponge/ media pad. I washed that out really well. Under that is some carbon and small rock media. So I just dumped all of that out and replaced it with well rinsed activated charcoal from the pet store. I'm sure that will one up the filter. I'm hoping more polyps will show up again.
Although I've had a scary thought come to mind. I'm wondering if the jellyfish that died was of the opposite sex needed for jellyfish reproduction. I really hope not, but its very possible.
On another note I should be getting some jellyfish polyps from jellyfish art within a month. so I can just start my own culture instead of relying on my jellies. I'm gonna build a new polyp/ephyra tank because Im not happy with the one I have now. I'm thinking I will take two large Tupperware storage bins and use them as aquariums. They are plastic which makes drilling much easier. The design is pretty simple. One container sits on the other. The top will be the ephyra and grow out space. The bottom will be split in half. One side will be the main polyp colony. the other will be filtration. A mesh screen in the center of the container will do the job. Water will exit the top container through one side, which will be screened off. Water will come back through a spray bar.