Pictures of my jellies

The biggest jellyfish in my first successful batch of tank raised Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita).
More tank raised Moons. 

Two wild collected Cannonball Jellyfish, still in their transport bags (Stomolophus melagris).

The top of a Cannonball Jellyfish from the above image. You can clearly see the start of their pigmentation.  

Lots of Moon Jellyfish ephyra!

Some partially damaged, wild collected Cannonball Jellyfish along with a giant piece of sea lettuce. 

An un-named species of Upside Down Jellyfish (Cassiopeia) .

Another Blue Upside Down Jellyfish. 

Brand new Upside Down Jellyfish ephyra. 

Young Upside Down Jellyfish in a culture tank, while I was building their holding tank. 

Young Upside Down Jellyfish in a culture tank, while I was building their holding tank.

A small Moon Jellyfish under blue lighting. 

A small Moon Jellyfish under green lighting. 

Moon Jellyfish Polyps. 

A beautiful Comb jellyfish (Mnemiopsis macrydi). 

Box Jelly (Chiropsalmus)

A juvenile Mnemiopsis Comb jelly. 

The 200 gallon, with one Cannonball jelly seen. 

Combs in my 20 gallon kreisel.

Cannonball jellyfish I bough from Florida, being acclimated.

In their tank...

One Atlantic Sea Nettle. 

Florida Upside Down Jellyfish.

The Atlantic Sea Nettle in the DIY cylinder jelly tank. 

Juvenile Moon Jellyfish.

Fancy juvenile Moon jellyfish. 

Smallest wild Cannonball jellyfish ever photographed (that I know of). 

Juvenile Mnemiopsis Comb jelly, pre adult stage. 

Clytia hydrozoan jelly. 

Mnemiopsis jelly just past the pre adult stage. 

Two Beroe Comb jellyfish and a mnemiopsis comb. 

Aurelia polyps. 

Florida Upside Down jelly.

The whole family!

Dead Mushroom jellyfish.