Friday, April 22, 2011


The jellyfish that burned his tentacles is growing them back. Although he is getting pretty tiny. To be honest I cant tell if he will make it or die before he can gather enough food. The tentacles are growing back ridiculously fast, however. This is due to the stress coat I have added to the tank and the fact that he is a warm water jellyfish.
Jellyfish regenerate parts ver quickly, much more quickly than many other species of aquatic life. Plus these jellyfish are warm water jellyfish, so they grow faster and eat more.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jellyfish auto feeding.

So in the dilemma of bad food I have had lately, I found an interesting solution. auto feeding. Now there are mechanical auto feeders available but those aren't really practical for the desktop jellyfish tank from jellyfish art. However I did find a way to keep a constant supply of food for my jellyfish so that they may eat during the day like in nature.
So yesterday I tried feeding one of my jellyfish raw unhatched decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. Well they hated the so bad they dropped them off their tentacles almost immediately. So I dumped a serving (cap full) of eggs into the tank. My hypothesis was that they would land in the substrates and hatch, under very optimum conditions (good light, warm water, etc). And sure enough they hatched today. I noticed my jellyfish were half full on brine shrimp, which is very pleasing. I literally only have to dump a serving of decapsulated brine shrimp eggs in the water. the jellyfish ignore these eggs, which hatch into good food. Plus the brine shrimp that don't hatch are already on their way to the filter, and the dead uneaten shrimps will sink and be filtered.
On the down side one of my jellyfish burnt his tentacles off again. He did that before when he was having problems acclimating at first. His tentacles grew back but he burnt them right off again. cant say for sure if they will grow back this time. Last time he had a tentacle nub and the base of his oral arms. Well I will treat him with marine stress coat and see what I can do. problem is he hasn't eaten any brine shrimp, so he will definitely be shrinking before his tentacles can grow back.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad news of course...

S today after arriving home from school I noticed my jellyfish weren't in fantastic shape. the healthiest one was glazing about the tank with a nice sized hole, all the way through his bell. It was quite disgusting. There are bubbles in the hole cavity as well, which I will need to remove. the second jellyfish was still pretty inverted, not sure how he will do. He kinda flaps around the tank. The third jellyfish was a sight to see. He looks like I took him, threw him in a bag and beat him on various objects amongst my room. I, of course, did not take place in such actions, but you get my point.
I called up Alex Adon, of jellyfish Art for some advice. He said the holes were do to lesser flow than necessary so I boosted the flow a little. The holes should be no big problem but the highly inverted, wreck ball, of jello is pretty much on death row. however, I have had three jellyfish live to see several more months after being declared done in by Jellyfish Art.
So I will try and get this under control and see how they do.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New jellyfish are here!

They got here today. They look bigger and healthier than before! They seem to have heat shock, giving them the inside out umbrella look, but they will heal from that quickly. When they get more active and start swimming around the water column I will take pictures and upload them.