Monday, June 27, 2011

At some point....

One day and at some point in time I would love to have tanks with the sea nettle trio. That is the -- black sea nettle, pacific sea nettle, and purple stripe jelly--. These are three great jellyfish and they are also jellyfish giants. The black sea nettle can get absolutely huge! And the pacific sea nettle and purple striped jellyfish get reasonably big a well.
     I dont plan to get these jellyfish anytime soon but perhaps one day I can have all three. They cant live together. At least, the pacific sea nettles have to live in separate tanks or they will die.

Here are some pictures. In order, black sea nettle pacific sea nettle, and purple striped jelly.

Strangely, the black sea nettle is an orange-red color when its young. It develops its maroon burgundy color as it ages. I like this color best however its younger tint is appealing as well. The same goes for the purple striped jellyfish. Its a pinkish hue all over with red-pink stripes, when younger. Some purple striped jellyfish don't even develop stripes! I like the thicker color shown here but the pink is still appealing. here is a photo of a young black sea nettle and a young purple striped jelly, in that order.

The black sea nettles and purple striped jellyfish are pretty rare, and the pacific sea nettles are usually pretty easy to obtain. But again its just a dream I have. And I'd love to see it come true. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

The worst accident in jellyfish history.

So I fell asleep the other night thinking about my jellyfish. I must have gotten too deep into thought, because i woke up to my jellyfish tank toppling over. Im not exactly sure what happened, but I think I kicked my tank over in my sleep. All I remember is gathering my senses and flicking the emergency off switch on my power strip. The whole room had to be emptied and the carpet had to be striped.
     However, my ephyra and polyps were safe. most of the polyps in the tank got rubbed into my carpet, however. But I did rescue two which leaves me with several ephyra and six polyps.
     I've already set my tank up elsewhere. Its ready to go and has my snail, as well a polyp in it. The polyp is on a dish and I'm waiting for him to bud off a few copies. It will be interesting for the tank to start out with just polyps. Usually an ecosystem of worms or other small organisms is set up when I introduce moon jellyfish and live rock bought from jellyfish art. The polyps were developed much afterwards. But now the polyps will start out and the ephyra will be introduced later when they get to a larger size.
     Speaking of ephyra, I've got three or four ephyra that are getting pretty big. Still not big enough for the tank but they are about 3 times bigger than they were when they pulsed off their strobila. I'm pretty happy that I've raised them up to this point and I cant wait for them to develop into juvenile medusa. In this stage the are fully round and look much less like a pinwheel. They also have longer, more obvious oral arms, as well as stinging tentacles around their bells.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cannon ball jellyfish, Upside down jellyfish, and ephyra updates

So I was at the beach from thursday to sunday. Of course I went jellyfishing most of the time. I did catch one cannonball jellyfish but he was ill and departed that night. I brought back a ton of sea weeds and lush sea plants. There were shrimps crabs, hermit crabs and even what looks to be something related to jellyfish. So I've decided I'm going to build a cassiopeia, upside down jellyfish tank. Im going to build it out of a regular 5.5 gallon aquarium. It will be split into two sections. One will be larger than the other by just a bit. The first chamber on the left will contain sand and the upside down jellyfish them selves. The barrier between the two sections will be mostly screen with acrylic as a base. A wide screen will hopefully help keep the jellies from being sucked in.In the rightmost chamber there will be live sea weeds and sea mosses. This will be a refugium/ filtration section. A low power pump or power head will be hanging on the edge here. this will suck water out of the filter section and deliver it ,at low current, back to the jelly section. Im thinking this idea will work fine, I might want a bigger aquarium though. I'm getting five upside down jellies from carolina biological. That means that 5.5 gallons will be too small, however thats the tank that I know I have. My dad might still have a 30 gallon tank from his goldfish days.... And of course with a bigger aquarium I could possibly add lagoon jellies if i can obtain some.
So updates on my ephyra... Right now I have 6-7 ephyra. I also have two polyps on culture. my stock of 25 ephyra was wiped out in the tank by fouling organisms. I have one ephyra in the

tank but I'm leaving him there since it could inoculate my culture of ephyra with fouling organisms. I may only have 6 or 7 ephyra now but these ones are more healthy than the others and they are bigger too.
hopefully they will grow to be healthy and can be put in my tank after I nuke it with bleach.

<---Right here I have my beach findings in a 1.5 gallon tank.

<--- That red/ pink thing in the center of the image looks a little bit like a polyp. Not sure though. Could be string from nets and fish lines.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Large strobilation!

So I found at least 7 or so ephyra in my tank today. Obviously all the polyps got the memo...
I also found two ephyra that were stuck together even after being released from their strobila. They separated when I moved them to the dish sadly. A double jellyfish would be cool although they would have separated eventually, without my help.
Anyways that whats going on right now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates...News, new set ups etc

So I've got a lot to discuss here as today has been a vey interesting day in jelly land.

I now have six ephyra. five are very healthy and one is a little mis-formed but seems like he will recover. Right now I'm keeping my ephyra in a petri dish, and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way until they get put in the main tank. Two of them are getting pretty big, compared to the rest. This is because they have been alive longer.
So today while searching for Ephyra I noticed a polyp drifting around in the tank. I got it on a slide and looked at it under my microscope. It turns out it was a strobila. None of the ephyra were very developed on it but it was still obvious. So I put it in a petri dish with tank water right next to the ephyra dish. i'm not really sure why it detached. It may have been the jerk flow I was using to get stray ephyra out of the substrate with. the detachment was very clean, so if its alive it should have no problem reattaching. I will be very happy if it lives, b/c that means I will have polyps in culture. that could bring me one step closer to my goal of restoring my tank.
So I figured I would take photos of my set up just to g
ive everyone a clear image of what I've got running right now. I will also include a video of that strobila.
My two petri dishes.
My whole culture set up.
My main tank. JellyfishArt's Desktop jellyfish aquarium.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back into the tank they go!

So I released my ephyra back into the main tank. Not because they were big enough but rather because they will do better in their. I found a fourth one in the tank and he was doing much better that the captive ones. This is due to flow and a heavy environment around him, which will allow for proper water quality. Hopefully they will do fine in here and develop into adult medusa!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So my three ephyrae are doing quite fine. They are growing little by little and will hopefully make it through this. They are still living in a rectangular tuppaware container. They get daily water changes, and are fed baby brine shrimp.
I was having a problem feeding them before but I found a nifty solution. at first i noticed that even though the were around 100 brine shrimp in their tuppaware container they still didn't get any food. the brine shrimp would dodge them and stay away. Well I put my ephyrae in a petri dish, while changing their water today and they managed to capture most of the brine shrimp in the dish. The solution is just getting them closer to their food. Im also thinking about picking up some frozen rotifers or maybe live ones. These ephyrae seem to filter the water out to obtain food as well, considering the fact that they are slowly growing. Anyways theres my update on these little ephyrae. And by the way, compared to having a specific tank system for ephyrae, I think that the tuppaware system works best. This is simply best for home growers or someone who is growing small amounts of ephyrae. The tank system is good for a mass producer of jellies.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three ephyrae

I found a third Ephyrae in my main tank today. It seems the polyps are having no problem producing ephyrae and Im very pleased with the quality of ephyrae they are producing. They are rugged and tough which is a very good quality in jellyfish.I think I will lower the heat at four or five ephyrae. Then I will grow out my ephyrae and put them in the tank. I also found a few polyps which I may transfer when the time comes. I realize that if I obtain five ephyrae that there is bound to be one of the opposite sex needed for reproduction, but its nice to have some polyps in the tank to replace hydroids and to produce ephyrae just in case something happens. Plus I cant see why I should kill them for their excellent work :).
Anyways, once this situation stabilizes I will likely build an upside down jellyfish tank. This should be pretty easy. Im thinking a regular rectangular aquarium with the same substrate as in the moon tank (rough gravel then a glaze of glass marbles). And for filtration I think I will use a weak gravel filter. That should be all that is needed for these jellyfish. although Chad Widmer does have a stunning tank design for upside down jellyfish and lagoon jellies. I might consider that as well. Thats far in the f
uture though. I want to get good at raising moon jellyfish first.

I also have some pictures of two of my ephyrae.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I found an ephyra swimming in my tank today! I was observing the hydroids in my tank and then a very small ephyra swam by. I was rather stunned that it browsed by. I had no clue that there were any polyps strobilating in my tank. The heat trick didn't appear to work, but I may have just been two impatient.
I caught the little ephyra in a cup and looked at him for a while. It looks pretty cool. I bought some petri dishes and other supplies online, but they haven't arrived yet so I reluctantly let the ephyra swim away in the tank. It should be reasonable safe there. I hope it gets bigger and develops into a mature medusa.
My plans for the tank are pretty sketchy but I think everything might just fall in place. i want to obtain about three to five moon jellyfish. Then I'm going to nuke the tank and start it all over, then add these moon jellyfish. I'm hoping I can collect enough ephyra to grow out and obtain my 3-5 moons. I really cant afford another set of three jellyfish at the moment. however the polyps can be rather unreliable. if they every once in awhile I will end up with mature medusa in my disgusting tank while I wait for more ephyra. I will have to try adding some lugol's iodine and see if i will get more than one ephyra.