Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cannonball jellyfish incident II

I have some bad news on the cannonball jellyfish. Something contaminated the 200 gallon tank, and caused some damage to the cannonballs. They began to slow down the 3rd day of living in the tank. On the fourth day, they were motionless. The water and even the jellyfish smelled fine. All jellyfish are known for decaying extremely fast. You can check to see if they are dead or just not pulsing by the way they smell. I decided that I would move these jellyfish into my 30 gallon saltwater tank (Non jellyfish tank). Immediately the jellyfish began to twitch and eventually started pulsing again. I kept them in a net while we tried to track down the issue in the 200 gallon. All the parameters were assessed. They all seemed fine except for pH. We adjusted that, but found it did not help. The jellies would stop, as if frozen when placed in the tank. After thinking about things, we eventually decided the problem must be copper. Twice now, i have had LED lights fall into the tank and fry. The first time my LED lights fell into the tank, the jellyfish died. It was unclear as to whether their muscles were damaged from electrical shock, or copper posioning. I dosed the tank with Amquel, which is advertised as removing metals. The second time the lights fell in, I also dosed the tank, and assumed all was well. After dosing with Amquel we even tried a different product, Novaqua. Obviously neither product helped remove our copper problem.

In order to save the jellies, I converted the 30 gallon into a temporary cannonball jellyfish tank. I removed all the live rock, and anything that had sharp edges. The result was a sand bed and some macro algae. I let the jellies go into the tank. After watching them for a while, I assumed it was safe to add a small hang-on in tank filter. The next morning I woke up to find a jellyfish stuck to the filter. Over time its flesh seeped into the filter and formed into the shape of the protective grid. The jellyfish was dead by the time I woke up, but after spending a good 5 minutes working it out of the filter, I found myself with a handful of jellyfish chunks. I decided that I would need better way of filtering the tank.

I took a cooler, and attached a flexible hose to the drain at the bottom. All of the live rock, hermit crabs, snails etc. were placed inside the cooler. Water was then added to fill it up. I took a small fountain pump and used it to pump water into the cooler, and let water drain out of the cooler at the same rate. In a sense, I built a sort of reverse sump. Its pretty low grade, but seems to get the job done. Inside the sump i have three air hoses running, and the internal hang on filter.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jellyfish and Polyp Trading or Buying and Selling!

I am always interested in expanding my collection of jellyfish. One of the best ways of doing that is to gain polyps! They are like hundreds of jellyfish condensed down into a single polyp. I've noticed that people all over the world are now keeping jellyfish. Some are keeping very interesting species!

I am willing to trade polyps and even jellyfish for your polyps or jellyfish. I would really prefer to receive polyps (even more specifically warm water). I will take any offer into consideration! Just email me or comment. :)

I currently have,

  • Moon jellyfish polyps (Warm water Aurelia aurita)
  • Blue Upside Down jellyfish polyps (having the species identified now)

In the future I may have,

  • Cannonball jellyfish polyps 
  • Lagoon jellyfish polyps. 

I also have some comb jellies, I can trade those too, although they wont be here much longer!

Personally I am particularly interested in polyps of,

  • Pelagia noctiluca (Mauve stinger)
  • Mastigias Sp.(Lagoon jelly and Jellyfish lake jellyfish)
  • Stomolophus melagris (Cannonball jellyfish)
  • Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Atlantic sea nettle)
  • Catostylus mosaicus (Blue Blubber jellyfish)
  • Of course any others will be considered as well!

I will also consider trades of polyps of box jellies. I don't want to trade any polyps if they become lethal box jellies, however.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Surprise Cannonball Jellyfish!

I got word that the company Gulf Specimen Marine Lab had some cannonball jellyfish in stock. I called them up to inquire about getting cannonball jellyfish that were 2-3 inches in size. They told me that they had in fact seem some around the size out in the gulf, where they operate. I left them my number so they could call me when they collected the cannonballs. About a week later I got a call that they had some again. I ordered them immediately. 5 cannonball jellyfish totaled to 150 in costs and a good bit more in shipping (Still unsure at the moment). They arrived this morning.

I was extremely impressed with my order. All five jellyfish were alive and in good shape. They all came in separate bags. Within each bag was a balloon filled with oxygen gas. Cannonball jellyfish use up a ton of oxygen compared to other jellyfish. They are still susceptible to being torn apart by air bubbles during rough shipment. The balloons were the solution to this. O2 leaks from the balloon into the water throughout the trip. After pulling out each bag from the box I noticed that I had three totally white cannonballs and two brown spotted ones. I have never seen the pale variety in person before. They have a very nice coloration, which allows you to fully see inside them. So far, I see no differences in the two varieties. I have no idea if they are compatible for breeding. I hope so, but the chances seem slim, as I have never seen a mix of the two colors on one jelly. Perhaps the pigmentations are very dominant and will only appear as one or the other. In that case, breeding could be possible. I suppose we will find out!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Automatic Breeding System in Operation!

I finally filled up my moon jellyfish breeding system. Its about 12 gallons total when running. So far I'm quite happy with it. All the ephyra made their way from the polyp tank into the ephyra tank. Some of the ephyra were born healthy and other, not so much. I've noticed that ephyra of a healthy size do fine in the tank. Ephyra that were born tiny and unhealthy get stuck at the air-water interface on the screen. I think they unhealthy ones simply cannot swim and then water's property of adhesion pulls them up against the surface on the screen. I can fix this by taking a long rigid piece of air tubing and positioning it right in front of the screen. After about an hour of the system running, I decided to add one 1/4 inch moon jellyfish that i had raised in a dish up to this point. It showed no issues, and has been doing fine. I'm hoping it will grow quickly in this much larger space! So I must thank a few people for helping with this. The system design isnt readily available to the public. Wyatt Patry provided the ephyra tank design on his jellyfish blog here - Sunset Marine labs also has a nice video on the Moon Jellyfish life cycle. Several of their tanks are shown in the video, and they helped to form my total system.

So anyway, if this system works well, then I will have moon jellyfish galore! I can then begin to sell them on ThinkJellyfish.

Here is a video on the system. I will likely make another if they jellies start growing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Upside down jellyfish tank release!

The upside down jellyfish tank is officially ready for purchase! We are officially read to sell. I am currently working with growing out a large stock of upside down jellyfish. Jellyfish availability shouldn't currently be an issue. :) Moon jellies will be heading to the market soon as well.

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Page; Jellyfish Index

I added a new page to the blog recently. The page includes a giant list of all of the Jellyfish, Ctenophores, Hydromedusa, Cubomedusae etc. that I can find. I'm attempting to provide one of the first resources that will include jellyfish species and pictures. I will be adding to it and updating it regularly, but feel free to suggest species! I have also used many images that are not my own. If you find that I have used one of your images, and you want to have it removed, please contact me and I will do so. If you simply want me to provide credit for the photo, I will also gladly do so. Please provide the name for the photo credit. :)

So far, I'm quite amazed at all the varieties of jellyfish-like gelatinous zooplankton. Seeing them all condensed into one page is impressive. At the moment i have a ton of jellyfish already listed but I'm at the tip of an iceberg. There are so many to add! The hydrozoan medusa section will especially lengthy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jellyfish for sale in 4 days!

In four days Think Jellyfish will be offering the upside down jellyfish tank. Upside down jellyfish, moon jellyfish and for a very limited time, comb jellyfish will be offered as well. Moon jellyfish tanks are available through the site too. We try to offer all the major supplies needed to keep pet jellyfish. The reason the upside down jellyfish tank was withheld until now is due to the fact that it is our own creation. We wanted to have ample time to test, and ensure that it is safe for jellyfish!

The design for our website banner.

I'm hoping that I will be able to provide the public with species of jellyfish not previously offered. I can also use this as an opportunity to raise funding for bigger and better jellyfish related projects.

Enjoy! Happy Fourth of July to those who are currently residents of the United States.