Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sudden Cold Front

So many of my jellies were doing quite nicely for a while, and then a cold front hit us on the Atlantic Coast. I believe it was caused by Hurricane Sandy, although we didn't see any other adverse affects (luckily). My juvenile moons seemed to randomly start showing issues, such as a wrinkling, and then eventually deteriorating.

I've also had to shut down my Moon Jellyfish breeding system. The polyps were acting up. I believe the tank needs a stronger filter and a heater. To react to the sudden cold, I have begun to take polyps of all my species inside, in case things begin to get worse (most of my jellies exist in the garage).

The most recent jellies I acquired have been have had mixed results. Both comb jellies have been doing absolutely fine. I noticed that the flat hydrozoans with long tentacles began to swim far less. I assume this is from the cold as well. Unfortunately I also noticed that their lack of swimming has caused them to lay on the bottom and become fairly rough looking. I picked several and moved them to my 10 gallon kreisel, as the previous Moon Jellyfish inhabitants have died. Im hoping they will do all right in there. They were found in cold waters, therefore I am reluctant to move them inside. I moved the two comb jellies to a glass bowl to protect them in case some jellies begin to die and produce ammonia in their previous tank.

The week has been pretty rough on the jellies, but nothing that cannot be recovered from.
Good news: I will be taking a trip to the beach this Thanksgiving, and I plan to collect several Atlantic Sea Nettles again.