Thursday, February 12, 2015

Success with Mangrove Box Jellyfish

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in so long! I moved back to NC and have been busy with life and jelly things. So I will give a big update on what's going on.

I had some huge success with breeding and raising Mangrove Box Jellyfish (Tripedalia cystophora). A few weeks ago I was able to get nearly 80 juvenile box jellies. I successfully reared many of those to about 1/2 ".

The wild jellies refused to eat any sort of food that I gave them. I tried live baby brine, as well as adult brine and a slew of dry jellyfish food products. My first captive batch are now eating baby brine shrimp successfully. I also noticed that the wild jellies were a little delicate. They seemed to prefer cylindrical aquariums versus other jellyfish aquariums. My captive batch are doing great in a Cnidarium Nano jellyfish tank, which is shaped like a half circle.

Some of them appear to be slowing down in growth. I feel this is because of their aquarium size, and the amount confined to that space. I'm in the process of designing several large holding tanks. Once the tanks are done, there will me much more room for these little guys to stretch their tentacles out. They will be available for sale through The Jellyfish Warehouse very soon!

On another note, I had a huge surprise recently. My Black Sea Nettle Polyps are producing some ephyra! These jellies are super slow growers and so it took nearly 7 weeks for the polyps to start this.  I'm hoping my first batch will yield some healthy Black Nettles.

Cheers until next time!